The LIST OF GREED Revised:
(it's really not that different at all)

Shaun of the Dead
Rejected (
Buffy Season 6 if it's out (I know)
Angel Season 4 if it's out
MST3K! You know I love it. Gimme gimme gimme. Extra points for the one with Santa Claus vs. The Martians, which has a special place in my heart. A very special place.

Lord of the Rings Return of the King soundtrack
Kill Bill 1 soundtrack
Barenaked Ladies - Everything to Everyone
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief

Buffy RPG: Corebook
Buffy RPG: Slayer's Handbook
Buffy RPG: Magic Box
Buffy RPG: Monster Smackdown

BOOKS (paperback, please)
Orson Scott Card - Children of the Mind
George Orwell - 1984
Frank Herbert - Dune
Terry Pratchett - anything good other than the following, which I already have: The Carpet People, The Light Fantastic, Men at Arms, Reaper Man, Guards! Guards! Interesting Times, Thief of Time, Feet of Clay, Moving Pictures, and Soul Music. I've read the one with Maurice and I'm not particularly interested in owning it; I lost my copies of the books with the Witches several years ago and want them replaced, especially Lords and Ladies.

1602 - I've only seen it in hardcover thus far, but I can take hardcover for this bugger. It's the collected 1602 series that Neil Gaiman wrote... it's a bunch of Marvel superheroes in a sort of 'what if?' universe where they're all in the year 1602.

Geekmas list part 2

-final fantasy 1&2 GBA (2games in one)
-Phantom Brave PS2
-Knights of the Old Republic 2 (for my Box)
-Final fantasy tactics advanced GBA
-PS2 Memory card
-Spiderman 2 widescreen
-DVD dual layer burner...hehe(that's the only reely expensive thingy)
-a one evil pet monkey
-EB, Future shop or Best buy gift certificates.
unspeakable002.gif (GIF Image, 450x598 pixels)

It reminded me of the Banthas.

The six Seals of Seaworld have been fed the sacred bucket of mackerel.
The nine Signs marking Slippery when Wet have been properly placed.
The four Prophesies of Garry have been fufilled.
Yes, the day we have been dreading has indeed arrived .....

Why is this Darth-a-dancin'?
Cuz he just signed his first freelance contract baby!
Morrigan Press

(it would have happened sooner, but the oh-so-brilliant techs at work had ramped up the email-filters so high that for a couple of days, nothing but internals were getting through. Clearly the newsroom was thrilled.)
Having read up a little on Immortal, I have to say that I would quite like to see it.

quick synopsis; in a dystopian future (aren't they all), the Egyptian god Horus has been sentenced to death. This causes him to develop the human desire to procreat so that at least a part of him lives on, and he becomes involved in the lives of a young political radical and a mysterious blue-haired woman.

No ideas when it is coming to Ottawa, but for your viewing pleasure, "Christmas with the Kranks" is playing ad nauseum pretty much everywhere.
I suck..:(

I can think of some people who would like to add this to their list!
EDIT: I am leaving this post up to illustrate exactly how close one of our number came to disaster this year. He beat me to the post by less than ten minutes!

Since Kalgash is woefully remiss, I shall take it upon myself to post his list on his behalf:

Socks (of course!)
Lance Bass merchandise
Tasty meat products
A broken grand piano
DVDs of Zardoz, Van Helsing, and Pokemon 4
Movie passes to Son of the Mask
CDs: the best of Willie Nelson or Kenny Rogers

Happy shopping!
Finally, the moment you haven't been waiting for...

My list.

Sorry it took so long.

I am even more slow than vlad.

A new low.


PS: Squeee!

Gift Certificates from Best Buy would be way cool since I am saving for an XBox Crystal (purchase authorized by the gf!)


Touch of Evil - Restored Collector's Edition
The Lady from Shanghai
Bulletproof Monk
Swingers - Collectors Series

From the Criterion Collection:
Do the Right Thing
The Hidden Fortress


004 Transparance by Armin Van Buuren


Virtual LM by Apogee Books
The Art of the Matrix
Havana: The Photography of Hans Engels
Hitchcock Poster Art by Mark Wolff, Tony Nourmand
Film Posters of the 70's: Essential Movies of the Decade by Tony Nourmand


Buddy Christ Dashboard Statue


Powerball Gyroscope
Woot! My server came back up on it's recap the e-mail I sent:

-Are we on for tonight? Of course we are
-Since Blades can't come I can pick up Guppy at 7:45
-Who's getting drinks (this is very important).
Meant to post this sooner!
BIG thank you to Darth for a great Geek Thanksgiving! He was captain domestic and everything was great!

X sorry if you are still black and blue from mini Jericho!
Get that special someone an adorable case of Flesh Eating Disease this Xmas!
Ah, here's what I was talking about: The Living Doll. He's full of tinier men!
Next Saturday afternoon (the 27th), the Museum of Civ is presenting an IMAX screening of Forces of Nature in combination with a lecture by a stormchaser. Tickets are $18. Anyone else interested?

I am in the process of making soup. Actually, there is a soup debacle, but that is a story for later. Luau, how many pots will be available? I'm thinkin' of bringing one from home. Gonna need a burner on the stove, too, for reheating the soup. Soooooooooooooooooooup.

Jericho, are you going? What time? I could really, really, really use a ride to this affair. I don't want to take soup and a pot on the damn bus. I can get my dad to drive me if worse comes to worst. (Worse comes to worse?) He is out at the moment searching for the elusive WATERCRESS for the soup we wound up making in consideration for gluten-boy's fear of the celiac (it hides in the wheat! And in flour!).

Kalgash, no vegetable stock was available. Are you okay with chicken? Not that there's anything I can do if you're not. Um.

I am in the process of making soup. Actually, there is a soup debacle, but that is a story for later. Luau, how many pots will be available? I'm thinkin' of bringing one from home. Gonna need a burner on the stove, too, for reheating the soup. Soooooooooooooooooooup.

Jericho, are you going? What time? I could really, really, really use a ride to this affair. I don't want to take soup and a pot on the damn bus. I can get my dad to drive me if worse comes to worst. (Worse comes to worse?) He is out at the moment searching for the elusive WATERCRESS for the soup we wound up making in consideration for gluten-boy's fear of the celiac (it hides in the wheat! And in flour!).

Kalgash, no vegetable stock was available. Are you okay with chicken? Not that there's anything I can do if you're not. Um.
Just when you couldn't take another tuneless pop-song, or stand to see Paris Hilton's empty, ugly face one more time, you find H.O.P.E.
Cancel everything else on my christmas list, sell the living-room TV, pimp the Blad, and take the bus out to Waterloo. I want ....
Aw, yeah. I believe Jericho will agree with me when I say, "Nothin' makes a Friday lunch like leftover Mitzi's."
e-mail me with a good e-mail address for you...I will then send you computer pricing info and your webspace info so you can test your site...
'kay, now I'm going to write this real slow for those of you who missed it the last four time I posted it.

When: Sunday, November 21, That is THIS COMING SUNDAY. 'Round 5
Where: The GNHQ
It's a Very American Turkey Day, Charlie Brown ... for the Geek Nighters!

We have Guppy wailing on the soup, X and Blad whipping it up on dessert (gawd help us all) and the Jericho Family Orchestra live on potatoes. We will also have our usual line-up of chicken, veggies, rice, appetizers and tea, plus a few very special surprise guests.
This is your last chance for requests (veggie-boy, I'm looking at you), but if any of you get any wild last-minute ideas to cook/bring something, then please, go nuts.
Just cause it's fun to post a random image of Prince looking Pensive...

Waddup Homies? Coupl-a things!

-How long is the Office thingy? I am really enjoying the dungeon crawl and wanna PLAY!!
-as you can probably tell I am not so interested in the Office as soon as everyone but me is there..feel free to start we have more time to PLAY!
-Food? Any ideas? If you guys wait till I get there we could order Gabriel's or Lorenzo's Pizza?

Peace out to all my Geek-Night bruthas and sistas!
You'll Luv this
List of shit i like

- Looney tunes golden collection vol 2 (4 disc set)
- Spiderman 2
- Cowboy bebop movie
- Shaun of the dead
- Garden state (if its out)

that's all i can think of now. I will add later.
To quote from the very source of my bread and water.

"it's gonna be off the hook, Skye Captain. The C-Dog here will be playing ol' barry like a Hendrix guitar solo. It's like mad skizzil performance art, with my nizzle here outin' the profilin' Barry S. live on-the-air. Plus he'll be scoring major skrilla, some of which, no diggity, will get spent on you, girlfriend."

Keep in mind that this was written by a 50 year old woman tryin to be "hip"
I am trying SOOO hard not to get fired.

BTW. I dont have internet access so i'll be at GNHQ at 6:30 unless i get called and told not to.
kay see yas.
Its been three years since BBC has left Wernham/Hogg. Now the cameras have returned on the eve of the office Christmas party. So find out what's changed, and what's remained the same for Tim, Dawn, Gareth and David (and yes Blades, Keith) this week at the GNHQ ... 'round 7:30ish.

Mike from Canmore, has died.

BRaingate. Now this is freaky kewl stuff!
So about a year and a half ago my Dad had triple or quadruple bypass surgery. About 5 months after the operation he felt movement in his chest, goes to the doctor, turns out his bones didn't knit properly and they were SEPERATING!! Eww, so here he is a year later having it seen too (he waited a year cause he didn't want to miss any golf...silly man). I am visiting him we finish and leave and are waiting to pay for parking, the attendant is an older middle eastern man...Mini Jericho yells quite loudly:
'What's your name Old Man!?'

Kids say the darndest things...

By the by Blades, I ate half of your Mom's Coffee Cake muffins and they were deelish!
Bladesemmers's (short) List of Yuletide Greed cause I got enough socks

"Crown of Slaves" by David Weber
"Shadows of Saganami" by David Weber
World of Warcraft (available Nov.23rd I think)
GTA: San Andreas
I'm gaining pudge and I don't like it! For Blades and anyone else who is interested, here are some of the martial arts schools I'm currently considering. Opinions?

Heritage Martial Arts offers a variety of styles, and the karate schedule doesn't conflict with geek night. Location is about halfway between me and Orleans. They don't have any pricing listed on their site, though.

Young Forest is on Kent St. They practise the style of kung fu I was learning in Montreal (Hung Gar), and I really like their teaching philosophy. Downside, for the first three months classes can only be attended on Monday and Thursday evenings -- so, late to geek night.

The World Karate Fit Centre has the advantage of being about three minutes from where I live. Disadvantage, Thursday evening class and not many adult classes available overall.

Haidong Gumdo is south of Billings Bridge. It has a nicely flexible schedule and lots of available class times, plus lots of fun sword work. Downside, I'm not that keen on concentrating on just one weapon; I like to kick things also.

Ly's Taekwondo is downtown, there might be a TKD school more conveniently located. I'm not overly keen on that, either, because there are no weapons involved; I like to have both.
Attention Geeks: I am going to Montreal this Saturday. I have room in my car for up to three (3) other persons who would like to come with. First come, first served.
How 'Dungeons' changed the world
I didn't want to distract from my all-important birthday list, but as I've just realized there's only a month until Christmas and all of you people should be posting lists, I shall follow suit.

Shaun of the Dead
Clue: The Movie
Little Shop of Horrors (Rick Moranis musical version)
Spider-Man 2
Farscape: PKW (pre-orders here)

Garden State sdtrk

Random Stuff
A jump drive, preferably one I can add to my keychain
Vlad to finish the drawing of Ash
Gift certificates to Futureshop, Chapters, Black's
Trivial Pursuit 90s Edition
Posted here for those of you who don't read my blog: my housewarming/Christmas party will be Saturday, December 11. Now is the time to book off work! :)
So I bring Mini-Jericho to Blades/Guppys house so I can install Guppy's new smokin' PC, while there Mini Jericho did the following:
-opened, played with and discarded approximately a million toys
-broke a toy (sorry Guppy, I'll replace it)
-hit Guppy and I think her Mom.

Plus I forgot to install a Modem, so Guppy's PC is sans Internet!!

... socks, ooh ooh ha!
Jericho's Festivus list of GrrreeeeeEEEDDDD!

**EB Games gift certificates towards an Xbox!!!!**

PS2 Games
-Lord of the Rings: The Third Age
-Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

PC Tool kit, doesn't have to be this one, this is just an example.

One Night Alone...Live! by Prince

Nunchakus Like this or Like This. Functional and Nice are a requirement...because I also want these:

Nunchaku and Sai: Ancient Okinawan Martial Arts or similar training books, also:
Solo Training: The Martial Artist's Guide to Training Alone
lets hope I don't get fired this time.
As I mentioned last night, Guppy's comin' over to hang out tonight and y'all are welcome to join. There are DVDs, or whichever gaming console you choose to bring along. Now with fewer cardboard boxes! Say around 9pm? (I gotta go to Orleans after work and pick up my cat.) Leave a comment if you need directions.
As promised, the Swearsaurus, where you can find out how to say 'your mother smells like fish' in Somali! (Hooyadaa waxay urtaa sida malayga!)
I will not be able to attend the movie, but I will meet you at GNHQ after it is over...PLEASE CALL ME at 558-6816 when the movie is over and I will zip over and we can continue...the dungoen!
This is frekin awsome (not for the faint)
To take everyone's mind off the raging blizzard, here is an excert from a typical conversation in the car between Willow and I:
-Willow turns on the radio, an obsure but awesome Prince song is blaring (Days of Wild and the volume is set to 11)
-Willow: is Prince all you ever listen to?
-Jericho: YUP! (enthusiastically)
-Willow: You're weird! (said with an affectionate smile)
Willow then switched to the radio which went something like this:
106.9 - ACDC - hate ACDC
Bob - some horrible unknown wanna be 80's hair band (even willow who loves the 80's music cringed ath the noise)
Majic - 2 'very funny' dj's talking inanely
89.9 - some 50 cent wanna be screaming about his g's and money bein thrown at him like the ladies booties..
101 -what seemed like a thousand 'very funny' dj's talking inanely and laughing like donkeys
The radio was promptly turned off
-Jericho: see that's why I only listen to Prince
-Willow: You're weird!
So. I've been wanting to see "The Incredibles" and i've been puttin away some coin to go see it. Wonderin if we would like to go see that tomorrow before we geek it out. I figure this is a GNHQ event anyways. Discuss
I love Festivus / I love getting stuff / If you people don't post soon / yer all getting socks / Oo Oo Yeah!

Seven Samurai
Babylon 5: The Complete Season 4
Shaun of the Dead
13th Warrior
Garden State
If you can find cheap, second hand copies of Kill Bill Vol.1 and/or 2. I'm waiting for the box-set but I wouldn't mind a copy in the meantime.

Phantom Brave
La Pucelle Tactics
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2
Shadow Hears Covenant

Terry Pratchett, "Guilty of Literature"
Terry Pratchett, "Going Postal"
Tom Holt. "Song for Nero"

Music from the Discworld
OH! I hope this has "Ants Marching!"

-And if you love me (Disc, Q02)
-Love me lots (Disc, Q02)
-And I mean, LOTS
This is really cool:

Adaptive guessing game

so far it guessed underwear, push pin and rubber ball
There are many reasons to hold OCcasional Transpo in contempt; The hiking prices whilst they cut service. Their utter lack of service to anywhere beyond the transitway. OC-Security’s rabid persecution of single-mothers who hop on the back in a vain attempt to avoid the exorbitant fair, while the boy getting the crap kicked out of him at the back of the bus, and the girl getting molested at the bus-station are ignored.

But the straw that fractured my bactrian’s spine was the revelation that apparently, the routes are purely arbitrary. Recently, my Tuesday night shift was changed so that I get off at 1am. There are still plenty of buses that run at that time, so two weeks ago I carefully checked the website, got the schedule and arrived on the Bridge in plenty of time to “catch” my bus. Imagine my surprise when none came. Or to be specific, imagine my surprise when at about the right time, I saw a bus veer off and head down towards Rideau st. This week, I decided to be clever and I skipped out of work early, went over to Rideau st and awaited my belching, bloated chariot. Twenty minutes, and some very impolite language later (not from me, from crazy lady standing nearby. Rideau st is pretty scary place at the best of times. At 1am its positively a horror-movie sideshow), I gave up and walked home.

So a hearty FUCK YOU OCcasional Transpo. This is why people buy cars.
Tech question to Tech geeks.
How safe is it to install the windows XP service pak 2. Some peeps say to do it and some peeps say to not. Whats the deal pleez. and thank u.
Oh, those bastards.
OK, tech gurus: I'm trying to configure wireless access in the new apartment. My wireless router is working fine with my laptop. However, the desktop computer connects to the router and is then unable to access the internet (I get a connected wireless signal, but no IP address.) SSID, channel and WEP key are all OK. All equipment is 802.11b. The router and laptop card are D-Link, the desktop adapter is Linksys. Help?
Muppet Stamps!
Man tries to 'convert' lions to Jesus. This one made my night.
If anyone would like to come over tonight and watch DVDs in the comforting surroundings of many cardboard boxes (come keep me company!), call my cell for directions. If it's turned off, just leave a message and I'll actually check them for once.
Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys and Kalgash, it is that time of year again to get your greed-on and post those dreams, wishes and lists of avarice. Festivus is just around the corner.
Not that it matters cause I'm getting you all scarves anyway.

Is anyone still interested in "It's a Very American Geek-Night Turkey Day, Charlie Brown".
I'm trying to get an idea of numbers and what people might be interested in bringing. (PS,it's Sunday, November 21)
Maybe you’re dreaming. The stars above swirl and spiral with strange colours and come to rest in alien constellations. The road behind you is indistinct and somehow lost, as if beyond the darkness it simply ceased to be. Before you, the path leads down into the valley where you can just make out a warm light spilling from a window.
Maybe you’re dreaming. But the gravel of the path crunches beneath your feet with every step, and each breath sends a small puff of vapour up into the cold night air. There is the comforting weight of the armour on your shoulders and the feel of the weapon on your hip. You are tired and a little footsore by the time you reach the small, inviting little inn at the crossroads with a sign over the door that reads, ‘Fanny’s Cauldron’. You push open the door, to find a small tavern filled with the smell of fresh food and a warm fire blazing in the hearth. The Halfling behind the bar smiles as walk in and offers to pour you a drink.
Maybe you’re dreaming.

Maybe not.

...and so it begins.
All the character needs to start with is a Race, Class and Name... I don’t care if it’s Hank the Samurai ... a character driven adventure this is not. All characters will start with two weapons, armour and a class item (thieves’s tools, cleric symbol, spell book etc. Warriors get an extra weapon). Everything else will be bought in-game.

Again, a plea to Blades to bring his plethora of D&D books so you’s all look through them and pick from the different races and classes.
Somewhere along the line, I seem to have picked up a completely irrational fear of tacos ... oh wait.
What I meant to say was that lately I have had a craving for tacos. So if anyone is interested, tomorrow night I'm going to be buying a load of taco fixin's and be making dinner at the GNHQ. I'll have meat, sauce, shells and some toppings, but if any of you are partial to weird or possibly aquatic toppings (X), you'll have to bring your own.
Raise your Hands UP!
Guppy DAY!!
New cartoon Batman
I paid for this, so we're gonna play,

Do You Have the Loot Bags?

Suckers .... ah, Applicants should apply at the Geek Night Inn and Beauticery this Thursday evening.

Some quick starting GM Notes:
-Open to any D&D3, Fantasy character, from any 'd20' book. Blades, if you could bring your horde of tomes, I'd appreciate it.
-Starting characters are level 1. Previously played characters subject to approval by the GM.
-Someone taking a thief is recommeded. I mean someone better take one or else this is going to be an exercise in cutting the PCs into smaller and smaller pieces. I could even make a game of it, seeing how many PCs I can slaughter in an hour, and then trying to better that result. And HINT, if you stick Blad as the thief, you will die often, and die painfully. On a more positive note, thieves will advance quickly.
Thanx to whoever made it to the halloween party. It really made me feel better. Specially the ones who traveled really far just to come. We have over 200 pictures that where taken that night. I'm posting 1 of my favourites.