Where are people finding Katamari Damashi? I've been checking online but the shipping times are monstrous on the damn thing. I want to roll things now!
Are wes doing anything this evening?
I'm always ready with a delve into the WLD, or a playtester's romp through Talislanta. I am however, movied the fuck out, so I'm not so keen on watching any more telly.
The coolest thing is that if you install it, it actually makes Doom III a better game!
Apparently, Diane survives in Shaun of the Dead.
I have spent a good chunk of the past couple of days playing RotK on Pedro's GBA. Aragorn is now level 10. Yes -- I am playing a video game! Be amazed.
Indeed it is a very
Go~Go~Go, Go Spooky, Go Spooky, it's your Birthday, it's your birthday!

(there is a dance that goes with this, but only she gets to see it)
so, how was everyone's haul? anyone get anything really cool? I got repeatedly elbowed the pair d'noels by a three year old. Not cool, but certainly amusing once the swelling went down.

And when working a ten hour overnighter, into three hours sleep, a large turkey dinner, a lot of sugar, three kindergardeners who are heavier than they look, back into another ten hour overnighter, and you think you are being clever by smuggling in your PS2 to help you stay awake ... bring the bloody paddle!
Merry Christmas

I hope everyone has an amazing holiday filled with family, friends and many geeky things!

Confidential to X:

If during your travels in Portugal you could find your way to obtaining either one empty Coca Cola can or one full Coca Cola bottle for a return trip home that would be most decidedly wonderful.

Here were are as in olden days,
happy golden days of yore.
Faithful friends who are dear to us
gather near to us once more.

Through the years we all will be together
If the Fates allow
Hang a shining star upon the highest bough.
And have yourself a merry little Christmas now.

May the Geek Gods Bless Us, Everyone!

This Christmas Moment brought to you by Mini-Jericho:
Mini-Jericho: Daddy?
Jericho: Yes honey?
Mini-Jericho: There's lots of kids without toys or Christmas Daddy...
Jericho: yes sweetie unfortunately that's true...but you and mommy gave a toy to Toy mountain and that will help some of those kids.
Mini-Jericho: Daddy....
Jericho: Yes sweetie?
Mini-Jericho: let's pack up my old toys and give them to the little boys and girls who don't have any...let's give them my old toys daddy..
Jericho: pauses...speechless
Jericho: That is very sweet honey, let's try to do that.

Doesn't that melt you? That is Christmas...a three year old wanting to help other kids who don't have what he has...sniff...

Merry Christmas everyone and try to do a little something for those who do not have as much as we do...follow that 3 year old's advice...
Thanks for the books Darth, Mini-Jericho opened them today, he needs some convincing on the where the wild things are book, but he loves the gross things book. In particular he likes that trolls eat maggots and dragons eat trolls...sigh, I look forward to the new crop of nightmares this causes...=-)
Muppet Wizard Of OZ
Today actually is Festivus!

Happy Festivus Everyone!
Are we geeking it tonight? I am wearing my geek shirt proudly regardless.
I was worried, would Shaun of the Dead be as good as I remember, or has my memory made it into something more than it really is? No worries, it's still bloody brilliant.

Although the growing practise of throwing a bunch of automatic previews that come on everytime you start the DVD is getting fucking irritating.
The '04 version of Do they know its Christmas is really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, bad. It has all the melody and flow of a chevette with a bad transmission.
Its just not the same without Bananarama.

sooo...everyone got big plans for New Years Eve?
'kay, we definintely need to watch this season now.

Claudia is coming to Stargate.
This will break your heart.

Fortunately, this outta cheer you right up. Call it schadenfreude if you will, I call it sweet justice for almost single-handedly destroying the comic-book industry by flooding it with glossy, over-priced crap.
Happy Shaun of the Dead day everyone!
While the release date for this was unabasedly fucking absurd, at least isn't three bleedin' days AFTER Xmus!
Seriously, didn't we recently have a very similar conversation as featured in today's Order of the Stick about the Bag of Tricks Biggin found in the Worlds largest dungeon???
Are we still having a GeekNight this week? If we are, I would like to try running yous guys through a test run of my Talislanta Adventure.

A Tal Sampler is available Here if anyone would like a refresher on the world and the game rules.

Talislanta homepage.
Just for the record, it is currently 15 degrees and sunny in Portugal at the moment ... that is 45 degrees warmer than it is here. Any bad travel stories that X may come back with are now to be offically met with "Oh boohoo", any remarks about how nice the weather was are to b immediately countered with a wet willie.
There is a rumor going around that Dead like Me has been cancelled. Someone has started up a petition, anyone who would like to sign it, go here.
I can't thank yous guys enough for the Star Wars flicks. I love every matte line, ever grainy shot, shaky model, every Yub Nub, every background painting and every shot that Greedo never actually fires. I don't know or care what the happy-fluffy-bunnies inside Lucas' head remember, but these are MYStar Wars. These are the films that ignited a life-long love of six inch plastic dolls, and my ongoing fetish for bizarre hairstyles, golden swimwear and little green muppets. Anything else, no matter how artifically sweetened or gaudily repacked in glossy, but empty CGI could never hope to compare.
that scream you just heard was me putting on pit-stick that has been in the trunk of my car all afternoon.
Blog's back...this time my dsl was down for a day!!
Awesome party last night, guys. I am still in awe of the auxiliary gifts! Thanks to everyone! See you in a few weeks. :)
I am still FULL of LOVE.
And my friends have been properly dazzled with the DVDs of PURE LOVE.
D'oh! I thought I'd packed everything in the bag, but my DVDs are missing. Are they at GNHQ?
Collaborative (Combative?!?) Fridge

-Guppy I can get you between 7:30 and 8PM, I'll call when I am leaving
-Can someone get drinks? I will bring Hot Cocoa as I think that would be nice
-Maybe someone can get some christmassy type snacks?
-Is everyone gonna be here?
-God Bless us everyone!
Huh. Ben Browder just signed on as a regular for the 9th (!) season of Stargate: SG-1. No word on what role.
As much as I would have loved to see you all trying those sleak X ninja moves to get into the building whist carrying an armload of prezzies for me, phone service to the GNHQ has finally been restored.

and I found my cell-phone.
I'm setting up the Destructotron for FTP junk - Jericho, could you email me the stuff I need to know to get myself operating again?
Don't forget, the Honest Lawyer on the market (just down the street from me work) tonight at 7:30!

And vladdy, I'm holding your Xmas bonus hostage!
I don’t want to write a bad review for Blade:Trinity, to discuss its utter distain of basic plot structure, its direction and its apparent editing by a thirteen-year old three doses behind in his Ritalin. I could discuss its mincing, ineffectual Vampires*, the plethora of dick, fart and cereal jokes, and even it's basic misunderstanding of the “show a gun, use the gun” concept. And I could talk about how I prayed for the strength to pull off my shoe and beat myself with the heal until sweet, sweet darkness took me, but that would take to much effort and this film doesn’t deserve another fucking word.

*Couple of notes on the Vampires
1- How gay were these guys? I mean even Triple H carried around a Pomeranian lap dog fer fey’s sake. And Dracula, when he wasn’t moonlighting as the kid all the other Predator’s beat-up behind the gym, looked like he should be cruising German leatherman bars.
2- Parker, I luv ya baby, but as a Queen of Darkness you lacked a certain something. You could be a Vampire of Sarcasm though. That would have been cool.
3- I do love that the vampires seemed to be turning more middle aged men. It was refreshing to see vampires with beer-guts and bald patches.
4- A little helpful tip to vampires everywhere; putting your HQ under a giant sky-light ... probably not a wise ides.

I was surprised at how this particular band of flouncing nancys and their fag-hag became the more feared vampires in the known world, well at least in that particular zip-code, then I realized that they were fighting Mr.Alanis, the slutty one from ‘Seventh Heaven’, a blind girl, the fat geek from ‘King of Queens’ and Anonymous Black Men I,II and III. No wonder Blade looked a little bored.
so for whomever is interested, dinner for my bday is tomorrow night, 7 pm at the Honest Lawyer, the reservation is under my name.
Blade III, playing at the Shitty at 7:55. Be there, I dare you.
Message to Pookzilla (cause I know you read this sometimes):

In a mad fit of browsing through X's webspace I arrived at your site (couldn't resist when I saw the title). Do you still work at IBM on the Eclipse project? I was the Project Manager responsible for moving the Eclipse operation to Magma...small world eh? I was at the IBM offices a half dozen times designing and explaining the details to IBM and Eclipse about the migration. So if you hate how slow updates are (if there is a slowness issue) now that the servers aern't local you can probably blame me.
Before you click on this link, I must ask that you please not deliberately disable yourselves in order to get a personal freakin' robot mecha suit!
The GNHQ has no phone service at the moment and I picked last night to go and loose my cell-phone, so there will be absolutely no way to get a hold me today. I'm about to go and wait for the bell-guy, and I won't be able to check the net again until close to 5ish.

And remember, you are all going to have to learn those ultra-sneaky ninja-moves that X uses to get into the building if the phone problem isn't fixed by tonight.
They are making a Doom-ish movie. Well, not so much a Doom movie as something that was once a Doom movie, then gradually witled away until there wasn't much Doom left at all, but they are keeping the title just so that .0001% of Doom fans who aren't on the web and won't be subjected to six months of extremely negative hype, might be tricked into seeing it.

The Penny Arcade aboot it made me giggle.

and every once and a while I just go back and read this one when I need a smile.
More Star Wars changes. Tsk!
I guess it's true that nothing is sacred, even G-Force.
Will Kal remain true? =)

Warning! Browsing the rest of the site is not for the faint of heart. Especially for Blades and his undying love of Kylie Monogue.
Thanks muchly for the celebratory pastries (and candle!) and the gifts. They were appreciated. :)
Like, helluu its Thursday. Where's my post you braindead smurf-gigilos.
Sorry Bladesy, I saw this and this after I'd already gotten you your prezzie.
Best 100 April Fool's Day Hoax's of all Time
Pink Floyd Choir sues for royalties.
Since the most they can hope for is a couple of hundred pounds each, one does have to ask, is WHAT'S THE BLOODY POINT?!
Clearly, it's been too long since someone's linked some randomly fucked up shit.