Just spoke to the elusive Blades, the vote is for Mitzi's at 8PM..be there or be trapezoid.
Kal and Darth, I sent you both a request for revised b-day lists via e-mail so's I can get you your belated pressies, reply or get socks!!!

Also further to my comments in the b-day post below...are we at Geek Lair? Are we goin' out for dinner? Waddup ya'll?

WORD -8 8-

He hid downstairs,
He’s losing his hair,
He finally moved out on his own.
He is grumpy and mean*
He plays RPGs
Everyone know, he’s Blades!

Blades! Blades!
He’s 31 now, that’s old!
Blades! Blades!
He’s older than dirt and he’s old!

* he’s not really mean, but it rhymed.
Dudez. What are we doing for dinner Thursday night? It's Bladey's birthday and all, and if we're eating out mums would like to know so she knows if she has to make him somethin' for dinner or not.
'kay, we gotta see this because, damnit, she's a model turned Bounty Hunter!

It might be because I was not familiar with most of the actors in the UK "The Office" that really made it feel like a documentary and therefore that much funnier. Part of the problem with the U.S. version is that I keep seeing Steve Carell from The Today Show (doing much the same stict I might add) who is playing the role of a truly awful middle-manager, and that causes some little part of my brain to keep tripping, saying "hey, this is a TV show that is trying really hard!" (par example). The show is funny at times, but its just not anywhere near our beloved regional branch of Wernham Hogg.
Now that I have resolved to wait until I am more money solvent to buy a PsP, I finally used my Christmas EBGames gift certies and bought God of War for the PS2. This game is reprehensible, violent, degraded, gory and absolutely wonderful. The graphics, moves, boss battles, upgrades, characters, motion capture, soundtrack, finishing moves, mini games...dear god this game is WICKED Awesome !!!! I will say hands down so far that this is the best game I have ever played on the PS2 (and I am looking at you first 2 hours of Metal Gear Solid). Get this game if you have a PS2...you must...the force compels you...just wait till the first time you battle a 200 ft hydra...dear god...gahhhhhh
Sony ordered to halt production and sales of their PSOne and PS2 consoles due to patent infringement
Game of Thrones, the RPG. Unfortunately, its GoO .. and its $100!!
Minor EpIII spoiler:
WHOA! was anyone else aware of this? According to IMDB, its legit.
metal gear solid is definitely worth it. It shall keep me company at work tonight.
w00kie's Transparent Screens slideshow on Flickr
Scientists recover T. rex soft tissue.
Open Casting for LotR Musical -- just when you thought nothing would be more frightening than [Insert Country Here] Idol auditions.

Here you go, guys -- now's your chance!
Waddup G-Dogs, I take it we are at the Geek Lair tonight?

-Any idea on where we wanna go in the family van for foodage? Are there any Darth safe places that serve good food?
-I am picking up Kalgas at aboot 7:30, so should get the Geek Lair at 7:45ish...I'll call up...Darth do you have a phone or a cell number for me? You can e-mail it if you wish (mprince@blackboxsystems.ca), then you guys can bip down and we can roll!
-WE ARE PLAYING TONIGHT!!! I will keep my tangents to a minimum...no Toronto/videogame/cutesy/weird/work stories...or as few as possible...
-I would be up for the World's Largest Dungeon...I miss Biggin Puffbear

Word!! -8 8-
YOUR ASSIGNMENT: To record The Office, tonight at 9:30 on NBC, as the Lair does not have cable. THIS MESSAGE WILL SELF DESTRUCT WHEN DARTH NEXT WANGS THE BLOG.
Does anyone else think that the pope has actually died and that the Vatican hired Henson to build an animatronic pontif for Easter appearances?
Random cute picture:
The suns doth shine,
the moon doth glow,
and the dust doth blow ...
Darth has bought a rap cd
Abandonia abandonware games-ago-go

and here is the table that made Bladesemmer go POP!
I have AADD ... ah crap.
We're Knights of the Round Table.
We dance whene'er we're able.
We do routines and chorus scenes
With footwork impeccable.
We dine well here in Camelot.
We eat ham and jam and SPAM-A-LOT.

Seriously, can you go wrong with Tim Curry (King Arthur) and Davie Hyde Pierce (Sir Robin)?
This thursday noboday get food, I will bring us on an old school Geek Night food run in the new Prince Family Van!. We signed for it today...and aside from the fact that it is a minivan it is pretty cool, MP3 player, cruise control, air conditioning, remote starter, keyless entry, deep tinted glass. Sigh...yes I am now truly a family man!

And no jokes about me being late, or not showing up, blah, blah, blah...I WILL be there.
Ya'know. I thought The Ring was a bit silly the first time I watched it. Watching it a second time, I realize it is really silly. I seriously almost lost it when she crawls out of the TV, this is funny stuff!

PS: I've mentioned that most DJs tend to be genuinely inane people, but the people who read the news are, on the whole, serious mental fuckwits. I suppose you can't expect much from people who's job it is to read the newspaper headlines to shut-ins and people stuck in traffic.
Wonder Woman again -- that was quick, they've already cast the part. And it's not the chick from Firefly!
Thanks again for the great gifts everyone.

PS X & I are better than you. Yes you.
There is no cover, release date, ISBN number, or even an author's credit, but this still makes my cockles all a'warm and tingly.

mmmmmm, warm cockles.
It's cold outside, there's no kind of atmosphere.
I'm all alone, more or less.
Let me fly, far away from here.
Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun.

I want to lie, shipwrecked and comotose,
Drinking fresh mango juice,
Goldfish shoals nibbling at my toes.
Fun, fun, fun in the sun, sun, sun

This here is a shout out to my Sweetie, who just got me Red Dwarf: Series V-VI for me birthday!
Sorry guys, some family stuff came up and I won't be making it tonight...I'll see you guys later...
Joss Whedon to write and direct Wonder Woman.
Waddup homies!

-Where we slammin' for Geek-Night tonight yo?
-Wut we playin' dogs?
-any beverages to take a couple of slips of?

Peace out!

-8 8- WORD!
How doI keep doing that?
Taking some of my Starwars Fanboy rage out on poor, poor Blades

Transformers meets animephilliacs
What Blades may still yet become. Check out the self diagnosed tf-stats
Just saw the Episode 3 Trailer...GAHHH!!! I am officially excited...

Warning, clicking the link will start a 50MB download...right click and save if you want it on your PC...
One of the many reasons I love being a father...I get to raise a geek!

Click me to listen
words fail me.... Bible Rap

and uh, Jesus Beanies!

its funny cuz its religious!
So vlad, did you remember Spongebob?
This Thursday, bring your Munchkin Fu and your Star Munchkin decks, cuz we're gonna try Epic Munchkin ... if you dare!

(In Epic Munchkin the winning level is 20, and characters from level 10-19 are considered Epic, which grants some bonus abilities. Plus some other surprises.)
So, Robots kinda sucked.
'kay, it sucked alot. Its fast, kinetic and occasionaly warrenting a laugh, but you quickly begin to realize it ain't amounting to much.

This movie is aimed at the younger set, which is fine, but this one is going for real young. Most of these flicks usually layer themselves in some clever adult humour, this stuff is about as edgy as a pair of kindergarden safety scissors. It makes Bug's Life look like Woody Allen.

There are some laughs, but after about the fifth time they break for a 'believe in yourself' moment, you start wishing for your own giant clockwork hammer to put you out of your misery.
WooHoo! I am now Microsoft Certified. Go Me!
So. Whats the dilly ya'll
anythin fun tonight?.

Pictures from Darth's bday:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Pictures from Darth's bday:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Yo yo, what up my homies?

My place tonight? Guppy and I will be there at 8:15. Who's coming? Brownies, yea or nay?
Early update on my Geek Night status for this week... I won't be attending since I have my first Microsoft Certification Exam on Friday afternoon and I will be using the evening to study.

However, next Thursday I would like to invite everyone over to the apartment for GN.

PS Where is Blade's real list?
You poor bastards! Spooky and I are gonna to Disney on Ice tomorrow and yer not. Choke on it, SUCKERS!
IDF frowns on D&D players.

this related article isn't very funny, but the picture is awesome.

and just as a sidenote, why does every story on roleplaying always go to the LARPers? I know they are looking for a good visual, but I think its really the media looking for the lunatic fringe. And after seeing this story on THE HOUR where they went to a Masquerade LARP ... they bloody well found it.
I need an idea for what a pair of magical slippers could do. I'm looking for clever, wierd, bizarre and original ideas, so no flying shoes or seven league boots S.V.P.

10:30 -- Addendum: Here is what I came up with on the walk home from work.

Pageant of the Bizarre: Elphaba’s Emerald Slippers
Elphaba was a respected wizard of the early New Age and one of the founding members of the Lyceum Academy, who in later life began to become increasingly obsessed with the idea of magical footwear. She created dozens of different shoes, each enchanted with a different power, but her crowning achievement are a pair of ornate, curly toed slippers studded with emeralds and stitched through with gold thread. In addition to fitting any sized foot, the slippers have the ability to make any outfit, no matter how grungy, awkward or eclectic come together into the perfect ensemble.

Unfortunately Elphaba underestimated the power of the slippers, and after lending them out to various other Lyceum faculty, she began to notice those she had lent the slippers too were becoming more and more reliant on the slippers. Without them, they complained, clothes no longer looked right, or felt to small, or to large or to itchy. People began to demand the slippers, even threatening Elphaba, who was not immune to the slipper’s effects and was becoming more reluctant to lend them out. Finally, the whole mess erupted into a short, violent incidednt that has been dubbed by Lyceum historians as the ‘The Slipper War’. Elphaba herself was killed in the magical melee, nothing remaining of the wizard but her slippers, and a curl of green smoke rising from the heel. Soon after, the slippers were sealed in a cube of amberglass.

The slippers have been brought to Thaecia as the Lyceum’s official entry in this year’s Festival of the Bizarre. Despite being sealed away, the cube is still guarded at all times by two Cymrillian Sword-Mages. The mages are there, ostensibly, to tell the story of Elphaba, but they are also armed and on the look-out for anyone who might seem too interested in the shoes, because the longer you stares at those slippers, the more convinced you become that they would go just perfectly with your favourite outfit.
Blades couldn’t post cause the blog ws down, so he sent me his list in email to post at work when it came back up. So I proudly present:
Bladesemmer’s Super Sexy Birthday List of Decrepitude

·Baby Jesus Butt-Plugs
·Anything by, about or makes vague reference to, Clay Aiken
·A virile young East Indian houseboy
·For Brad and Jennifer to work it out
·I’m soooooo achin’ for my Aiken!
·Three feet of hamster tubing, plus a gerbil who’s not afraid of the dark
·A big boy bed
·Nipple clamps, and not the cheap things you get at the LeatherFarm. I want something with teeth
·The Notebook …sigh
·Lava lamps, body pillows, rubber tarps, incense burners, and body oils. I’m turning the master bedroom into an orgy room.
·Shelves for all my porn.
·More Porn.
where is the blog?
There is a 40min documentary about the death of Disney's 2d animation department touring the festival circut right now called Dream on Silly Dreamer.
SOooo. Anyone up for anythin tonight?
PIGeon (JPEG Image, 450x360 pixels)
Farscape clothing is the new black.
Geek-Night - The Return of the Jericho
-waddup peeps?
-what is the gaming plans?
-anyone getting drinks?
-did everyone miss me? seriously I need to be needed! snifff!

-8 8-
This Place Sucks
Date: August 3, 2005
Address: 400 Citadel Crescent (located near Highway 16, 10 minutes south of Hunt Club Road)
Event: I take possesion of my brand new home.

That is it.