Click here to read a webchat transcript where JK Rowling spills the beans on what happens to everyone after the Deathly Hollows book and straightens out some unknown loose ends. A good read, but obviously FULL of spoilers so consider yourself warned..
Not covering Aikido or Wing Chun, but looks interesting: Human Weapons on the History Channel.

Guppy, you need to Sue somebody! We also need to find out who is spying on us and kill them before more ideas are stolen!
New Indiana Jones TRAILER!. Not what you think, but it looks like Lil'Jericho might have a new interest next summer.
Flight of the Concords. Watch it, love it. If you're into it.

My personal favourite -She's So Hot -BOOM!.
You Still Can't: Don't make eye contact and maybe it will go away.
GM: Okay Jonah, the leviathan is coming up for a 'Swallow Hole' attack... roll to dodge."
Jonah: [dice clatters] Ah man!
Laugh or cry, your choice.

Seriously, this thread is like 3,000 time-killing pages of AWESOME!
Adults Have Misclassified Me As A Handful. It just made me laugh.
Dark Knight madness is ongoing, Visit this site, call this number - 1-800-395-9646 and on the site I linked there is a hidden teaser as well...this is viral done right in my mind...
God help me, I want to play this campaign.
So, the question tonight is whether or not we have the Guppy.
Blatantly ripped off of 213 things Skippy is not allowed to do in the Army, but still funny to Geeks ... 250 things Mr.Welch is not allowed to do in an RPG.
X, check your e-mail and/or call me!
Randy Beaman Stories!

Planet Earth - The new Prince CD is mine!! And it is awesome!

Not that anyone cares
hereby present to you: Gamer Girls!
The Myth
The Reality
(I know, I shouldn'ta, but don't you understand? I had to!)
Blades, I left the rafting DVD in your mailbox. :)
I do NOT remember this!: Animaniacs Macarena Nut.

Wanna kill some time? The Motivational Poster Thread
just hit page 3033.
Because someone asked, this is where I am doing my scuba training: Sharky's Scuba Supply.
ReBoot to be a movie trilogy

Camping ees fun. Specially when your companion is a one eyed superdog and have a sooper dooper magical helmet of smite +3 to dexterity.
Pg. 308
Things I am bringing to Blades':

Burgers & fixin's
Nachos & dip
Ginger ale
Some kind of alcohol (vodka?)

Assuming the guest list is relatively stable, three or four people coming are vegetarians, and two are allergic to gluten. Unfortunately all of my gluten-free ingredients/recipes are packed -- nachos it is!
Despite my finagling the car from my parents, a bike trip in the rain to FandomII to look for the new KAMB (not there), canceling a vet appointment, sheparding a skittish receptionist through her first vampiric procedure, a huge backtrack, a horrible diner eaten on the run, frantic grocery shopping and a mad rush out to Orleans … no one showed up last night but me and Dave. Next time you putzs are ALL coming out to the Lair!

Blades and I talked aboot what we were going to be playing next and he suggested that we do what he does with his other group: alternate GMs weekly. So next session, he will be running Transformers … the week after I’ll take over, then back to Blades, etc… gives the GMs two weeks to plan.

I kinda wanna do that Superhero campaign we once talked about. Blades had a PC named Mafia Man … anybody else remember their character?
kinda want to try this ... Warhammer Monopoly!
Geek stuff. I have car, so GNHQ it is!
If any of you are interested, I found a place out in Nepean that recycles old computer equipment, CDs, phones, etc. The cost is $1.40/kg, and it gets the stuff out of your closet without dumping it in a landfill. The woman running it is quite nice.
Looking for Group, a pretty good fantasy comic about an elf with good intentions who falls in with the wrong group of companions.

this is the "Bounty" apparently it was in the pirates of the caribbean series.
This was a really fun weekend. Plus it looked awsome cuz it was foggy so when the tall ships would come docking in. They came out of the fog...ssoooooo cooool. then I hijacked one of them and went and became a pirate with my crew of misfits. Where I pillaged and gathered riches.
The End
My new digs

You know, the more I trailers and things I watch, the more I want to see Stardust. It opens August 10th - anyone with me on that one?

atattimeandmotion.gif (GIF Image, 250x244 pixels)

Neat little tool I found to Simpsonize picture isn't perfect...but it was fun:
Blades! Answer your email... I need your address. :)
I'm a Marvel. And I'm a DC. There is a whole series of these, but This One is my fav.
Aye, t'was a bonny day.
Bunnies Suicide
Farscape webisodes? I'm not sure these would involve any of the original cast... but hmm.
That was awesome.

Also: ow.

-Sleeping bags are clean and ready
-Cooler is aired out and ready
-lawn chairs are ready
-Darth bring the speakers just in case and we can stream some tunes or radio...

X mentioned she would go grocery and booze shopping? My thoughts on food ideas:
-Chips + Veggies + Dip?
-Box of soft cookies
-Alchohol filled Coolers from LCBO?

Anything else we are missing?

Also X and Darth, e-mail me your addresses...
Ok, look at this (awesome) trailer for The Force Unleashed, the main character holds his lightsaber in the same way my padawan character was designed to, except my blade was shorter...Yes that was my geekiest post in a long while.
Okay Mocha-Bear! I'll be in H-Town on Saturday August 25, at 1300h!
Thursday YO!

-Big night - X's last Geek Night! we should try extra hard to kill Commies tonight! We can use our Transformers movie knowledge to be badass!
-Obviously we will discuss the trip!
-Are we at the Lair?
Vlad, I'm looking into flights ... do you mind me coming up the weekend before (Sat, Aug 25), or would you rather I came up on the Monday (27th)?
No doubt we’ll iron the details out tomorrow night, but is probably good to start thinking about them now.
Saturday: Jericho, X and I will be taking the Jericho Family Shuttle (splitting gas). Estimated Time of Departure? (I will be dropping off the felines, so I will need picking up from my parents.)
Sunday: I’d recommend leaving at about 9 in the morning.

Darth’s Supplies:
Poly Tshirt (cheapest I could find were at Mountain Equip Co-cop, $20)
Poly bball cap
Air Mattress
Sleeping bag.

Darth Still Needs:
Sandals (can we just go barefoot?)
Jape Lessons.
McSweeney's Internet Tendency: A Letter to Optimus Prime From His GEICO Auto Insurance Agent.
Scroll down this page and click on 'Trip Tips' for a list of the stuff Owl recommends you bring rafting. I have a brochure at the apartment that I'll try to remember to retrieve. The most important things are: do NOT wear cotton (seriously, no cotton t-shirts, you will freeze), and wear either running shoes or sports sandals (the ones that strap to your ankle; no flip flops). Hats and sunscreen are also good. I will try to pick up a diver's dry sack to carry sunscreen etc.

Our trip leaves at 1:30pm on Sunday the 15th. Estimated return time is 10pm (plus then we have to drive back to Ottawa).
I didn't know the 7 wonders of the world were ever debated...but I guess they were and the NEW 7 Wonders of the World have been chosen...

In the middle ages this was the list:
Stonehenge, Colosseum, Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa, Great Wall of China, Porcelain Tower of Nanjing, Hagia Sophia, Leaning Tower of Pisa

In Ancient times this was the list:
Great Pyramid of Giza, Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Temple of Artemis, Statue of Zeus at Olympia, Mausoleum of Maussollos, Colossus of Rhodes and the Lighthouse of Alexandria
Yo, Jericho...
oh gross
-Transformers - 10:20 - Silver City!!
-Dinner, it is just Blades, Guppy and I so maybe elsewhere then Rangoli for Guppy's sake? There is a decent Chinese place by the Jean Coutu pharmacy (we went there before), or Moxies as it is close to the theatre?

I am good for any of the three choices...sound off in comments!
Speaking of pooing ... I mean Transformers. I assume we will be going to the Shitty? Which means the times are 7:20 and 10:20.

I gotta vote for 10:20, but I know I'll be shot down.
so transformers was... ah man. i pooed a little.
My job occasionally has its perks. I just got to play tough guy on somebody who thinks he is a celebrity. Nobody smokes in my building! =)
I want 10 of these. My desk will be a fortress of POWER!!!!
Ever wonder what happened to Soundwave?
i love this girl