see Blades, there are social activities out there that you'd leave the house for...
Why didn't they have Lego this cool when we where kids?! Scroll down a bit to see some of the new Indy sets

-I think everyone (who lives in Ottawa...sniff) will be in attendance? GNHQ?
-Bring Eberron and cross dimensional characters...tonight...for sure...we play!
Tarantino is making a PORNO!!!...
Martial arts demo parody. I love the way they did this.

20 years of technological progress summed up in one picture.

What is this! A picture of Guppy out and abouts and having a good time?Awesome! And still no sign of her shut-in of a brother.
Human Space Invaders.
For those of you who, like me, have a sick lust for DVDs not released in Region 1... Darth, I'm looking at you here... this cheap Chinese knockoff player is multi-region and supports PAL --> NTSC conversion, for the bargain price of $30. I haven't tested it yet, but will as soon as my beautiful, beautiful discs arrive.

In other news, if you want to have fun at Best Buy, ask some poor employee whether the DVD player you're looking at will support PAL --> NTSC. I admit I already knew the answer; I was just curious to see what he would say.
12/20/2007 23:48
01/05/2008 14:30
Blades, check your Facebook inbox!
I was talking books with a cousin last night, and I asked her how she felt about Robert Jordan' death ... and she suddenly looked like I'd just shot her dog. I guess the news it has not gotten around yet.
VLAD: You start the extra shifts Monday. Don't forget about your regular Sunday shift!!
This 'Aww Cute' moment brought to you by Frosted Flakes cereal...they're Grrreeeeeeeat!

This 'Aww Cute' moment brought to you by Frosted Flakes cereal...they're Grrreeeeeeeat!

It's Thursday Biatches!

-So Darth is out, which means we are at GNHQ!
-Everyone bring either your crossdimensional characters or your eberron characters, we have a black chicken to rebuild or steampunk style D&D bashing to get to!
-Vlad, Blades, Guppy...we all good?
-Guppy, did you like BS player? Do you still want InterVideo?
-X, what time should we call?
-Darth, hope the Penis pump is pumping well! We will miss you while you are at home pumping in preparation for your Kin.

The Eachday Blog — Die Speech Bubble Logo, Die.

Die Speech Bubble Logo, Die.
A pretty funny Polish Prequel Parody

Damn Emo kids
RIP Robert Jordan
DARTH!! My meeting has been pushed till tomorrow...Is it a big deal if I drop the Penis pump of tomorrow instead of today?
I can't make it this week: I have a boatload of family pouring into town this weekend.

Which brings me to my next point. In honour of Steven Spielberg's birthday, there will be a weekend long party going on. It is absolutely open to everyone, but Moni won't invite you people directly anymore because you either ignore her, or say you’re coming then don't,but you are still all more than welcome to come. So if you can drag yourselves away from your families and computer screens for a couple of hours ...come on out!

Friday night (I think this is the night vlad is going) we're starting at her place and going from there. Saturday we're starting at the Dirty Oak on Laurier (next to UofO) and going from there. The more the merrier, so come on out!
Ironman .. they got the Sabbath baby!
All kidding aside, i do need my penis pump this week. Jericho, will you be home tomorrow if I can swing by and pick it up? If you can't find it, can I borrow the electric one you have?

Article with moi in it!

Backbone is distributed six times a year within The Globe and Mail to business and metropolitan subscribers within select city centres. Backbone is also distributed through corporate alliances, sent to, among others, Bell Canada’s SMB customers, Industry Canada’s leaders in e-business development, KPMG, within Air Canada Lounges, Industry leading HR companies, numerous technology industry associations, universities, select retailers and subscribers.

Pictures are small, but I will have copies of the magazine to sign for all my fans! =-)
As far as I know, the Thursday night plan remains the same ...

Jericho, bring my Penis Pump Please!
Right, so the movie tomorrow is at 9:45.
Vlad and I will be done Aikido at 8.
Jericho, we'll meet you at theatre around 9.
Vlad, will we need 3 tickets, or 4?
Heyyyyy Mikey!

D'you still have Intervideo? I miss it. I miss it, it was so pretty.
Disgaea, on the PSP. 'nuff said.

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Vlad, Jericho!
Since Blades and Guppy are out this week, wanns see Shoot'em Up on Thu?
Because if one movie about giant robots does well, why not make a whole bunch more? The same mentality that brought us reality TV now brings you...Robotech and Voltron.
Saturday night at the Movies: You people want the Shitty I take it? Our choices are…
3:10 to Yuma
7:15, 10:15
6:55, 10:10
Shoot ‘em Up
7:20, 9:45
One reason why you should come visit me!
Hey, Jericho -- your email is still FUBAR'd. I got your message, but my reply bounced back!

- Are you ready to Kobold!? Nothing required by 2d6 and a pencil. Next week, it is Jeicho's turn to run somthing.
- Don't miss, the Triumphant return of Vlad!!
- We will be chatting with the Divine Ms.X at 2230h.
- GNHQ! Don't show up before 8:00 as Blades will, if I read the last comment correctly, be furiously masterbaking and cleaning up the mess.
- VLAD!! Class starts at 5:30! BE AT DOJO!
btw, we are playing at the GNHQ tomorrow. Vlad might not know this yet, but I am volunteering him to drive me to Orleans and back because I've been sitting around for an hour waiting for him to come and pick up his GDTV!!
I thought you might appreciate this, Darth: Shrine of the Mall Ninja.
That's okay honey, you weren't bred for your brains.
My basement has carpeting once again!