Um... list! Yes. Here is a list. :)

The Time Traveler's Wife -- Audrey Niffenegger
I See By My Outfit -- Peter S. Beagle
Absolute Sandman Volume 2 -- Neil Gaiman
Kobolds Ate My Baby rulebook
Drawing Dynamic Hands -- Burne Hogarth

Due South seasons 3 and 4 (cheap at Amazon)

USB heated gloves

Gift Certificates
Superstore/Loblaws (I want new dishes)
Blades!! Call me!! Wanna discuss tomorrow! Halloween! Trick or Treating! Wanna wear matching costumes? Ambiguous Gay Duo? Why am I writing incorrect short sentences and overusing punctuation marks?!!
We need to start planning National Guppy Day!!!

Guppenheimer, what would you like to do on Friday? Favorite restaurant? Play Pinata with Vlad? Go to a movie? The Art Gallery? A Pub? A Bar?

Let us know!

Second order of business!

Due to the fact that you are in rural Alberta a Birthday list of greed would be appreciated ASAP so's we can ship it to you on time!
Shrimp Running On A Treadmill With The Benny Hill Theme. Exactly as advertised.
Spaceport EH!
Christopher Walken + Gun = Big Trouble for Jets.
Real timelapse movie from NASA of our Arctic Shelf this past summer.

Woohaa! Thursday, it is two days later and I still do not have my Eye of Judgement game!! I pre-ordered it at the Orleans EB games and they didn't bother to order it...HATE!!

-GNHQ? Lair?
-Darth? Vlad? You in?

Shameless plug:
Oh yeah I now have 3 articles published at Blogritics (4th hitting tomorrow), click here if you want to subscribe to my RSS feed and see them...oh yeah and please digg me! The more diggs the better...
Agh. What was that site with the Transformers webcomic? ("That's strange, I'm sure I don't own a red microscope...")
*sigh*, I'm just so proud of my staff right now, I could scream.

A guy mooning the window, not a damned thing we can do about it. Them not noticeing and letting him run by three times ... at this point I'm actually better off with a team of trained chimps. Have I mentioned that I hate my job lately?
People answering perhaps the most important question of this our modern age. Viz.: Who would win in a fight, a minotaur armed with a trident or a centaur armed with a crossbow?
I want to see some Noise.
Hey Darth...How YOU doin?
An important video about self-defense.
So I am in the book store and I see a new William Gibson book called Spook Country, intrigued by his books as always I flip through the back is his picture...I have always pictured William Gibson like this:

Instead I see this picture

When did he get so old? I don't know why but the image shocked the hell out of me...makes me realize how long I have been reading his books and the fact that I am actually 33....yeesh, mortality sucks...
I believe I want to see this.

-All in attendance except for Darth who is...ahem...MIA?
-Eberron is on the menu...if we play, I promise there will be some fearing of the darkness.
-Quiz, what can I eat that is yummy AND healthy?
NWS: Bikini Rodeo Pie Fight!

QaDdYu.jpeg (JPEG Image, 464x560 pixels)

It's the magic of YouTube!

Yub Nub
I bought the Orange Box and I now have a free gift of Half Life 2 to give to one of you Geeks. First one to email me gets it.
Star Wars TV series -- haven't we heard this before?
I'm not saying a word, I'm just putting it out there.
The Best Ever Argument for Action on Climate Change.
Some stuff I found....
Remember Tiny Toons takes on 'Then Might Be Giants"?
Particle Man and
Istanbul not Constantanople

Plus, Samwise says Goonies sequal an "almost certainty". At least he admits it will be very hard to make it as good as the original.
List o' Greed

* Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Jeff Lindsay
* Any of the George RR Martin Song of Ice and Whatever series except Clash of Kings - that's the only one I (inexplicably) own. Being able to read them in order would be extra-nice.
* Fifth Business, Robertson Davies
* The Manticore, Robertson Davies

* Check out the iBooks application on Facebook, go to 'wanna read', and look! Presents! (Except the ones I can borrow off youse guys.)

* Heroes
* Transformers (is it out yet?)
* Robot Chicken
* Sneakers
* Dexter

(Seriously) Always Good:
* Futureshop Gift Certificates
List o' Greed

* Darkly Dreaming Dexter, Jeff Lindsay
* Any of the George RR Martin Song of Ice and Whatever series except Clash of Kings - that's the only one I (inexplicably) own. Being able to read them in order would be extra-nice.
* Fifth Business, Robertson Davies
* The Manticore, Robertson Davies

* Check out the iBooks application on Facebook, go to 'wanna read', and look! Presents! (Except the ones I can borrow off youse guys.)

* Heroes Season 1
* Transformers (is it out yet?)
* Robot Chicken
* Sneakers

(Seriously) Always Good:
* Futureshop Gift Certificates

X-Wing Fighter launch: the real footage - Snotr

X-Wing Fighter launch: the real footage
Cap'n -- she cannae take nae more!
Star Wars Trumpet Stacy Hedger. Someone got me with this just after I'd woken up.
Being part of blogcritics I get about 100+ e-mails a day listed new albums, books, dvds, movies, tech, etc... that anyone on the network can ask to review, we also have access to screeners and pre-release materials, etc...I think I am going to write a few articles before I ask to review anything...but if I lived in Hollywood I would TOTALLY have jumped on this one like an addict on a crack pipe:


Paramount Home Entertainment invites you to join us for an exclusive preview of the out-of-this- world special features on the HD-DVD release of


Our high-definition development team will walk you through the disc’s specially-created content and web-enabled features, which will provide viewers with an evolving entertainment experience like nothing they’ve seen before.

Friday, October 12
10:00 a.m.-noon
Lunch will follow
W/ special guest PETER CULLEN (voice of Optimus Prime)!

Paramount Studio Lot
5555 Melrose Ave. (Windsor entrance)
Hollywood, CA 90038


Peter Cullen....FRACK...

-Is the skipper gonna skip again? Or will we see Darth tonight?
-Kobolds ate my baby action!! Do we have character sheets? If not someone e-mail me one and I can print them out...
-SOMEONE call my cell at 7ish and remind me to bring FEAR, weeds S2 and Dexter...otherwise I guarantee I will forget!
Monopoly: Boutique Edition
Haha! Bladesy can't link!!!
In celebration of his wanging the blog, I believe this is what Blades wants for his next Bday party!! Bonus Matt-Points if you can identify where the music is from.
Neeeeeeat. Left Brain/Right Brain thing. I'm clockwise, but I can switch it with a bit of work.

YouTube - Top Gear - Reliant Robin Space Shuttle crash

Top Gear - Reliant Robin Space Shuttle crash
I think we have to organize a lynch mob for this one....

Ugly Star Wars Fan destroys carbonite prop

I had the thunk that we did not have a Geek Night Thanksgiving this year. Anyone interested in doing it Americn Style?
Hey...I'm published, sort of.

I am now a contributer to a website called BlogCritics, they are a member of numerous news sites (including google news) and their site is viewed by 10's of thousands daily.

Kinda neat...

I decided to try becoming a contributer and sent them a link to my alt blog (Jericho@Seriougamer) where I write about gaming, tech, and other stuff that I want to rant about that would probably be too boring or long winded for this blog...=-) The owner of blogcritics checked out my posts and accepted my offer to help write...

Anywho, I think it's cool.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving weekend ladies and gents.
Vlad, lunch is off, today is a PD Day at Aidans school (and I had no idea) so I have to work from home today.

Sorry guys...

I left my phone at your there any chance you could drop it by on your way to work tomorrow? What time do you leave?
Thurs-to-the-Day Byatches!


-We Play
-We Call foreign girl
-we all in (except for supersportsmaster Darth)?

that will be all!
Internet Commenter Business Meeting and the sequel.
Blabbering idiot has scenes cut from Indy IV. Warning: some very minor spoilers in article.
Jericho, Weeds is AWESOME. I'm almost finished.
For Vlad and Darth and maybe a reason for Blades to get a PSP? Final Fantasy Tactics is Bigger, and Better on the PSP! I am not sure if even this can get me to eject the freakin phenomenal Jeanne D'arc from my PSP as I only have about a month to play it before Disgaea comes out...sheesh, traffic lights need to be longer so's I can get more PSP playtime, or I need more of those long useless conference calls to play during....
Okay, I can't make it this week as I scored hockey tickets to the Home Opener vs the Leafs. I may not be much of a hockey fan, but even I can't pass those up. And in two weeks (18th) I will be out of town. So next week I am running Kobolds Ate My Baby. You have been warned.

btw, vlad ... GREEN.
More wonderful toilet training videos from our Japanese friends. (this is more for Jericho) hehe.
you'll love it.
This Geek moment brought to you by Tampax, Time to upgrade!

This may only be exciting to Kal and I but Sony is launching the worlds first OLED Display in December...OLED is:
An organic light-emitting diode (OLED) is any light-emitting diode (LED) whose emissive electroluminescent layer comprises a film of organic compounds. The layer usually contains a polymer substance that allows suitable organic compounds to be deposited. They are deposited in rows and columns onto a flat carrier by a simple "printing" process. The resulting matrix of pixels can emit light of different colors.

What is REALLY cool about OLED is the fact that it generates it's own luminescence so battery life is greatly increased as most of the power needed in LED displays is to light them. Think of a PSP that would last 20 days on a single charge, cell phones that last 30 days, TVs or monitors that use 70% less power....exciting stuff