The Tiny Toons Episode that Never Aired.
Deadpool meets the Watchmen

I've posted this before, but its out now on DVD.

Watch it.

Pooping in tubs!!!!!

Cry Betty, Cry!
It's like the internet just kicked me in the face.
The Ultimate Transformer's Playset!
The Ultimate Transformer's Playset!
The Ultimate Lego Movie ... no stop motion, just a hell of a lot of Mindstorm!
See Blades, Calandro can wear white pants..he is in great company:

It Is Now OK To Wear White Pants

See, I'm not a hater of the prequels. I don't love them, either. Hell, I've got something like 10,000 films in my house, but I don't actually own any of the three prequels. I'll probably fix that when they make it to BluRay. But I do have my theory why the prequels simply didn't connnect with many audiences. And it's not an answer that Hollywood's going to like, especially when you look at the way they seem determined to fill in every single blank in every single geek property ever created.

Because I'm not blinded by the hatred, I have a pretty good idea why the hatred exists in the first place.

Familiarity breeds contempt.

And prequels are a narrative dead end. Period.

Please. Please. Please.

Stop giving geeks what they ask for.

"I want the Clone Wars!"

No. No, you don't.

You think you do. But you don't.

"I want the Terminator Future War!"

Again... no. You really, really don't.

-I say we head to Vlad's as he misses us!
-We can play vidjeo games or run through a quick D&D session I can DM...

Oh, Vlad and I will be getting a bite at 6ish, I can e-mail you's peoples with where we are.

Want. If only...
Awkward Family Photos
Galactic center of Milky Way time-lapse, Star Trek: The Abridged Version, and new possible Mars rovers.
I have rejoined the entity known as Primus in the role of Architect, Server Infrastructure. You may direct adulation and good tidings toward my general vicinity.
Check out the customer reviews.
Oh Vlad!

Fallout 3 DLC Announced For Playstation 3 and Two New DLC For All

I should have realized that the allmighty dollar is always worth more then exclusivity. The exclusiveness on the X360 was only timed. The 2nd and third DLC's are must haves (especially the third, no ending and increase in level cap!)

Start saving those pennies...coming in June, July and August...hmm...I think that leg is gonna need a band-aid!
Our sister had the baby!
Her name is Chloe. :)
I bought my tickets to come home for the summer! I'll be there for seven whole weeks.

The cat is coming with me.

You may rejoice.
hehe. this is my Zombatar.

We have to play this sometime!

Dr.X you in?

Star Trek Movie Annotations - ComicMix news

Star Trek Movie Annotations - ComicMix news
I am on my way to Montreal (not for a Rave this time) and will be back at 6:30ish. If possible could we go to Blades tonight? I am in the mood to rant like Ahnold and play some Horde goodness!

Word -88-

Oh and Professor X when the heck you back in town???

i made old star trek look like new star trek!

haha. I love the new movie but this is so true at some points.

I was reading an article aboot the new Star Trek and it noted a detail I'd missed:
Scotty is banished to the ice planet for attempting to transport an admiral's dog between planets, which still may or not work depending on when/if the poor animal ever reappears ... the detail I'd missed was that it was "Admiral Archer's beagle". Nice touch.

Ridiculous Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus Trailer

Ridiculous Mega Shark vs Giant OctopusTrailer
something i came across while doing research. I believe that thing was huge
Barring the gratuitous (and rather shocking) product placement, and the occasional Galaxy Quest levels of ship construction ("This episode was badly written!") -- I actually really enjoyed Star Trek.

I am as surprised as you.
An artist's rendition of what Blades's Cubbyhole would have looked like if he was currently 17 years old and had any carpentry skills whatsoever....
Hit the Link. It gets worse!
In a Werner Hogg attempt at moral boosting, one of workplaces is having a 'Pet Picture contest'. Cheezy, but the prize is a gift cert for a petstore, and we do go through a lot of food.
Nage is being entered into the 'Fuzziest' catagory, while Tasha is being entered into the 'Most Unique' (she is Qimmiq, or Eskimo dog, and one of the rarest breeds in the world). There is also a 'Cutest' category, so which one is better?

Since Jericho is gonna be in Montreal tonight, any votes for beer & nachos at East Sides? Vlad was talking about that a couple of weeks ago and now I have a craving for beer and nachos.
Tyrion Lannister revealed. And the director for the Game of Thrones pilot, if you want to really geek out.
Can anyone join this competition?

Told you I had one that was worse ...

...but then again, upon reflection I think I'd have to go with 'teaming up with Eminem' is in fact, a great deal much less cooler than hanging out with Archie.
Uh ... new strain of H1N1 flu having some odd effects in the UK. From the BBC website:
"the individual behaves in extremely violent ways from what is believe to be a combination of brain damage and a chemical released into blood "

A good recap of the 8 Best 'Flight of the Concords' tunes. And if you haven't watched the show, a good introduction! Now go watch it!.
The horrible horror...discuss, it is real!

Batman WTF?

I don't know if any of you saw this, but it is more than worth if for Downey alone.
Kids Vs Zombie!

While admittedly very funny and very cute ... way to tramatize the kids! Still, you gotta admire the beatdown the give him.

Japanese TV is f*cked up.
Two out of Three claws unsheathed!

While certainly not on the same level of 'Dark Knight', 'Ironman', or the first two 'X-Men' films, it was still a damned site better than X-Men 3! I wasn't sure what to make of this movie right up until the helicopter fight at which point I realized that this was a true comic book movie: The action sequences are over the top; the violence is extreme yet bloodless; the drama is overwrought; and the plotting is convoluted ... which is pretty much every single comic I read as a teenager.
I can see Deadpool fans being upset. Melting Wade's mouth shut does takes away the defining element of the character. I couldn't help but suspect the writers did it simply to save themselves from having to write the constant patter the character is known for. But Deadpool was only coming into mainstream as I was weaning off being a regular reader, so I personally didn't have much of a stake in the character.
Plus, I have always loathed Gambit (his power be what, exactly?) and it was nice to see him in this movie being pretty much useless the times when he was not being an actual hindrance.
I already had mine.
Anyone wanna put together a super-hero team?

Looking for both team and individual code-name suggestions!
Guppy - Hammer Weld
X- Dr.X (of course)
Jericho - Prince Vengance!
Vlad - El Guapo Gato
Blades - The Shutin
Darth- Froggyman
Picture taken last night of Halifax from a wildfire that is burning just west of the city.

It was out of control yesterday due to high winds (with some pretty wild footage on the evening news from a cameracrew that almost got caught), but the winds are down today and its raining.
PS: We're north of the city.