Do any of you guys watch The Guild? If not, you should. Just sayin'.
Leaked Thor trailer!

Looks like it is going to be a good one =)
Best drum battle ...ever.
The costumes of COMICON 2010 .... All of them
It looks like I threw it together in my sleep (and I did!), but it is finally up.

Go Here
It made me giggle. Not really safe for work.

Video: Explosion, fire at Dalhousie University |
I'm in this video clip! I also happened to be on the 7th floor when the "boom" happened on the 8th. That was an interesting experience.
Hey Vlad, here is that comic your former Spumco co-worker Alison Acton has been doing that I mentioned...
And I found that video of the psycho goose I mentioned Guppy. Poor puppy!


Absolutely amazing new Tron Legacy trailer. Drool worthy, young Jeff Bridges is both creepy and a marvel of modern digital imagery:

Tweeted by Nathan Fillion at the G4 Comic-con party. Words fail me:

Transformers: War for Cybertron DLC rolls out next week

New Maps and characters!!
Amanda Palmer singing the Double Rainbow song.All.the.Way (with Neil Gaiman helping in a Hawaiian shirt)

Chinese make Optimus Prime out of junk; Garbage Pail Megan Fox still nowhere to be found

That last one for Blades. This one is for Vlad.

*who doesn't actually exist since its a fan build.
Can't recommend Inception enough. While it starts to get a little long around the 2/3rds mark there is more than enough visual imagrey in the other scenes to keep you interested.
I was disapointed in the level that looks like something out of "Metal Gear Solid"; if you've played those kind of games or watched more than one James Bond film there is nothing new here. On the other hand the hotel hallway fights are some of the most entertaining battles I've seen in years!
J-rock and P-bear are out tonight as I understand it. Blades, X? WHAT UP?
The Eighties intro below is for the Second Season after Dr.Tamm got his own spin off show, like they did a lot of in the eighties.
Wow, a promising video game to go with the awesome looking HBO series, if only he would finish the next frakking book:

Cyanide's first Song of Ice and Fire game detailed

You Can Download StarCraft II Now (You Just Can't Play It)

So tempted, the game actually has a cool hub/progression system that adds RPG elements to the game. Plus the quality will be amazing as expected.

You can have a Shark as a pet in Guild Wars 2 as a ranger. A.Freaking.Shark.

The ranger class as described her is absolutely making me buy this game, my favorite class looks dead sexy in the new game.

Guild wars 2 Ranger

.....If Firefly had been made in the 80's.....

Drool! My inner child cries out for one of these (or a whole armada of them actually)
Star Wars Subway Car

See also: Who You Gonna Call?
My Little Pony for Geeks

Because the Blog is too quiet, that's why!

So Vlad wants us to get a start on the campaign he's been planning, so the gameplan for tonight is to come on over to the GNHQ and we'll start making characters.

Around 7pm-8pm ish is good.
Double Rainbow guy interviewed by CBS!

(I got tired of looking at his mug and swapped the embedded video to a link.)
(This is not a handsome man.)
Good News:
Dragon Age 2 is announced, out March of next year!

Bad News:
You can only choose Male or Female Human named Hawke(like Mass Effect), you can customize to the nth degree, but no multiple race choices. Could lead to a more specific storyline, but I will miss the multiple race choices...concept art looks pretty though.

Husband charged with first-degree murder

Changes against Donna's murderer are upgraded. Husband charged with first-degree murder

This guy has a life changing moment looking at rainbows...seriously, truly hilarious!

I normally hate rap type stuff, but this is kind of catchy....

Some people just can't handle sour candy....

Prince claims that the Internet is "Over."

Also complains about his sciatic, kids on his lawn, and that his soup at the Olive Garden is too hot.

So fast!