Star Wars films to be released in 3D

Dear Lucas, please fuck off, seriously, what the fuck.
Oh Blades!!!

Wing Commander: Privateer Gemini Gold

Wing Commander Privateer ported to a modern 3D space sim engine so it is playable on current PC's No enhancements, just prettier and playable without a DOS based PC.

A Geek Night Proposal

One thing that became obvious when you guys where down last week was that I need to Geek Out in a serious way. The other thing that has become obvious is that Geek Night as it used to be is no longer working. I’ve been watching you guys try and organize every week only to watch it fall apart time after time after time.

We fought it as long as we could, but alas, we’re adults now. Between jobs, relationships, school, careers, kids and WoW guild leader duties no one has the time for a weekly game. Plus, it is my impression that you mostly sit around watching movies anyway. What ever happened to the good ol’fashion Hackn’Slash Dungeon Crawl?

So my proposal, and it is only a proposal, is that we start to schedule a true “Geek-Night” once every three-weeks to a month. That way everyone has plenty of time to arrange their lives and fit it into their schedules. I have no idea what day would be best, but given the time difference between myself and X, I was thinking Sunday evening/afternoon.

If in the intervening weeks, you want to catch a movie, have a DVD night or play video games, go nuts!

Anyway, that’s my proposal. Feel free to discuss or ignore. =)
How bad is Final Fantasy XIV gonna be?
Say hello to your "horse-bird"!
Too bad I already got Darth his wedding present....

Terry Pratchett knighted, and then to honour of the occasion, forges his own sword from a meteroite.

The mind is blown by how awesome this is!
We have Sirius in the car at work and JAM has become my station of choice. Behold the Disco Biscuits! If this doesn't get yer butt wiggling, talk to your doctor about the possibility of a Funk transplant.
Glee! New Smuggler secrets from the Old Republic MMO. You can have companions and of course an example smuggler has a cool looking Wookie companion!

Update: video deleted because it is annoying...
Feel what you will about Katy Perry, I think she finally got Elmo to enter puberty in this video

The wedding pictures!

Saw this great Tweet this week:

O+P+T+I+M+U+S = 15+16+20+9+13+21+19 = 113 is a Prime number; Optimus = Prime. Your mind = Blown Again

To prove how true that is I wanted to prove Rodimus was never a prime:

R+O+D+I+M+U+S = 17+14+3+8+12+20+18 = 92 Which is NOT a prime number! Never should have been made a Prime and just proves it was never meant to be!

A little hint for Jericho and Blades! =)
Now I gots me a hankering for some sloppy joes!
Weezer is cooler then school:

Holy Crap Vlad, Survivor is currently set in your birth land! May actually make the show worth watching again! :)

Survivor Nicaragua
This video is frakking awesome as well, plus it shows us that George RR Martin is still alive but doesn't answer when the next fing book is coming.

Random Hole-Digging Begins

O-dot is like The Onion but for Ottawa. Strangely enough, this site was recommended to me by my Interlibrary Loans teacher.
Hey, hey if anyone is bored tonight feel free to come by my place for Beer and videogames/movies.

Anytime after 9ish is cool.

Lemme know!

-88- Word!
What if The Dude was "the one"? Funnier than it ought to be!
So what is the game plan tonight? I believe Guppy is out due to her scholastic pursuits, and I know 1 of our expansion players is down with a fever. Haven't heard from the other one yet since I think he is at cottage. That leaves me, Vlad and Jericho unaccounted for.
What happens inside the vessel when a cruise ship hits a storm with 50 knot winds and 25 foot tall waves? This:

The Forgotten Doctor...(my apologies about the commercials)

Frack came up with new game last week. Frack call it Boulder Stomp!

Frack had to say sorry to 1 angry earth elemental already though, so might not play that much more.

So we up for some playing this evening?
Pour Mr. Vlad:

Art of the Title Sequence

Oooh lordy... why must this be so catchy.(and yes its work safe)
That is gonna require a jumbo bandaid.....for the plane!

Sandman TV series in the works.

Please don't give it to Kripke.

Please don't give it to Kripke.

Please, please don't give it to Kripke.