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Once you've distributed your points, it is time to choose your Talents. Pick 1 Talent per Trait! You can make up a Talent if you choose.

BRAINS: (examples) Accounting, Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, Botany, Burecratics, Chemistry, Deduction, Electronics, Geology, Guessing, History, Journalism, Libary Science, Linguistics, Mathmatics, Mechanics, Medicine, Occult, Parasycology, Physics, Psycoanalist, Sports Trivia, Zoology

MUSCLE: Brawl, Break Things, Climb, Gobble Food, Grapple, Intimidate, Jump, Lift, Run,Swim, Wrassel

MOVES: Balance, Dance, Catch, Disguise, Dodge, Drive Vehicle, Fire Weapon, Gossip, Hide, Listen, Music, Steal, Seduce, See, Sleight of Hand, Sneak, Sniff, Throw

COOL: Bargain, Bluff, Borrow, Charm, Convince, Fast Talk, Orate, Poker, Play Stock Market, Lie

Add 3 points to that Trait.

The game plays like d6 Star Wars. The number of points equals the number of d6 you roll. If you don't have the specific talent, you roll the trait stat.
Speaking of getting together, how's about we hang at my place on Sunday for geek skyping? I haz fun things and I promise to keep my pants on!
Hey Monkeys.
so Rangoli's tomorrow night to welcome X back into Canada?
Watching this made me cry from delight and happiness, I truly love Harrison Ford again. 'Daniel Craig is my Wookie bitch now'

They are going to have to make the Enterprise water tight in the future.

Start with 12 points, then divide them into four stats: Brains, Muscles, Moves and Cool. No more than 5 point per stat.
This guy, has 6 in cool
And while we're on the subject of ComiCon...


SERIOUS WANT! This would make Witchcraft's year if I scored it for Festivus. Any and all help would be appreciated in tracking one of these down!
I like Solomon Kane better than Conan simpley because I read these stories first. Now, if we can just get the damned movie here in North America!
Hey, I know I'm not the target audience for Cars 2, but holy jeebus that looks bad. this on the other hand, intruigues me.

Still, if you haven't seen it yet, find "Secret of Kells", it is like this, but like SOOO FRICKING BETTER.
John Carter OF MARS.
I love these books, so I'm cautiously optimistic about the film.

Dwarf pic from the upcoming "The Hobbit" movie.

Can ya'll tell that there ain't muchadoin' today?
"The Lazy Song" by Bruno Mars.
Offical video...

Offical Alternate version!
Executive GM decision time! Next Sunday?
If Vlad was a cartoon character!

Molly and the Bear. An online comicstrip by Pixar animator, Bob Scott
Dear God, there are more videos by the Baby Monkey guy...

Lord of the Rings in Lego. Awesome!

Anyone feel like setting a date to geekskype? I'm a regular day-wage-slave now, so I'm good for any Sunday or Thursday night.